Quest Kodiak


Quest Kodiak

The Quest Kodiak is a special option for your charter flight. It has a very roomy and upgraded 6 passenger executive “Summit” interior yet the payload capacity and climb performance that makes the Kodiak famous worldwide. Initially designed for backcountry strips like Brazil and Africa, this model has the same performance and it also has the cabin comfort of the Mountain Aviation Fleet. It is a great combination of a being a cost-effective option for local and regional flights, an executive interior and the capability to take you and your Guests on those unique ski, summer, and adventure trips with your equipment and luggage.

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Turbo Prop

Cabin Dimension

Height 4.9 ft.
Width 4.6 ft.
Length 15.10 ft.


Carries 6 Passengers


Maximum Speed: 210 mph
Maximum Range: 1,320 mph
Cruise Altitude: 8,000 ft

Cabin Interior

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