Aircraft Acquisitions

Operational Experience

Why would you choose Mountain Aviation, an aircraft management and charter company to assist you with the acquisition of your next business jet or turbo-prop aircraft? 


Mountain Aviation has nearly 20 years experience helping our clients identify the best aircraft for their intended use, locate the best value on the market, quickly and efficiently acquire the aircraft, and begin flight operations faster than any traditional aircraft broker.

The Mountain Aviation Acquisition process is proven and is based on our extensive experience operating and maintaining complex private jets and turbo-props in Colorado and across the United States. We are available to assist with your aircraft acquisitions here in Colorado or anywhere in the world. Unlike some aircraft sales organizations, we have significant operating experience, giving us a tremendous advantage when helping you find the right jet for your needs and most importantly identifying any potential issues with aircraft early in the pre-purchase process. Along with our partners in Aviation Law and Aviation Accounting we can ensure a flawless aircraft purchasing process every time. Most importantly because we actually operate these aircraft we can have you up and flying shortly after closing unlike many other aircraft sales organizations who may have no actual operational or mechanical experience. Contact Julian Tonsmeire to discuss 303.250.2175 or


Mountain Aviations Proven Acquisition Process:


Needs Analysis and Annual Operating Budget

Mountain Aviation will help you determine and establish your needs for an aircraft, including aircraft type, model, year, total time, and equipment while keeping you within your operating budget. Our operational experience gives us real world experience helping find the best plane for your needs and most importantly helping you draft a realistic operating budget.


Market Research

A through market analysis will help you the buyer understand the current market. With full market understanding we can help you quickly identify the best value airframes on or off market at the time you’d like to purchase.


Aircraft Identification

Mountain will locate and present best value aircraft in a clear and concise manner allowing for quick and easy side by side comparison.


Final Analysis

In order to demonstrate value differences between final aircraft selections the Mountain team will conduct a quantitative analysis by assigning values for equipment, condition and maintenance. This provides our clients with the simplest possible way to compare final aircraft and make a final decision.


Initial Negotiation

Mountain Aviation will negotiate on your behalf the best possible price and terms on selected aircraft which are all subject to a pre-purchase evaluation. A mutually agreeable location for pre-purchase inspection will be agreed upon once Mountain Aviation’s highly experienced in-house maintenance staff has reviewed the aircraft and it’s mechanical log books.


Completion of International Registry

Mountain Aviation’s staff will assist you in the registration process with the International Registry.


Pre-Purchase Inspection

Mountain Aviation’s leadership team, maintenance team, highly experienced pilot staff, and knowledgeable administrative staff will represent you during the entire pre-purchase inspection process including a comprehensive pre-purchase evaluation of airframe, engine and avionics at the service provider of your choice. The evaluation will include a verification of equipment, logbook research, maintenance history, inspection status and current one-year maintenance projections.



With everything in place up to this point Mountain Aviation will work with the Title company, buyer, and seller to ensure a smooth conclusion to your acquisition processes as evidenced by a seamless and timely closing.


Delivery and Initial Operating Experience

Mountain Aviation will prepare all delivery receipt documents, work to recruit and train aviation personnel. If desired we can also provide turn-key aircraft management allowing you to get in the air fast. Our ability to take you from closing to flying is unrivaled.


Mountain Aviation