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Wine, Sun Ceremonies, and Bluegrass: June Events Round Up


Summer has arrived, and what better month than June to explore a new corner of the world?

Whether you’re taking your clients out on an appreciation trip or your family out for some much needed adventure, June is packed with new experiences waiting to be discovered.

Shower in wine in Spain, soak up some sun in Peru or get your bluegrass fix right here in Colorado. These world-famous June events are guaranteed to please even the most picky travelers, and there’s still time to book a flight!

Inti Raymi

Where: Cusco, Peru
When: June 24th

What to Expect: Inti Raymi is also known as the Festival of the Sun. It’s been celebrated since Inca times, when about 20,000 people would gather in Cusco to enjoy parades of ancestral mummies, the sacrifice of 200 Llamas, and other festivities and ceremonies to pay tribute to the sun god.

Today the ancient celebrations are reenacted every year, minus the sacrifices and mummies. The ceremony lasts 9 hours, and begins with the Son of the Sun rising from an important Incan shrine to invite the hundreds of people gathered for the festival to join in the celebrations.

From there, he’s lifted into the central plaza where he’s greeted by 100 musicians and villagers in ceremonial garb. This marks the start of the sun solstice celebration as the parades and ceremonies move around the beautiful city of Cusco.

Telluride Bluegrass Festival

Where: Telluride, Colorado
When: June 21- 24

What to Expect: Telluride bluegrass begins at the start of the summer solstice, and provides a kick-off to your summer you won’t forget.

Whisk away to the beautiful San Juan mountains, where you’ll be staying in your choice of a luxury condo or enjoying the stunning view from one of their campgrounds.

Once you’re all settled in strap on your dancing shoes and get ready for 4 days of world-class bluegrass and folk musicians. This year’s lineup includes artists such as Regina Spektor, EmmyLou Harris, and Sturgill Simpson.

Take a break from the music to enjoy enriching workshops and memorable contests with your new festival friends.

Reykjavik Arts Festival

Where: Reykjavik, Iceland
When: June 1-17

What to Expect: Reykjavik Arts Festival will transport you to new realms of reality with its professionally curated and carefully crafted art displays and performances.

Art connoisseurs of every preference will find something they enjoy here, as the festival features contemporary performances, displays, and activities to set you out of your comfort zone and in a place of discovery.

The festival takes place in cultural venues all around the city, each with a feeling of its own.

Each year the festival explores a new theme for the artists to follow. This year’s theme is ‘home.’ The concept of home will be explored as a sociopolitical idea, from a historical perspective, and from the artist’s own perspective.

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Food and Wine Classic Aspen

Where: Aspen, Colorado
When: June 15-17

What to Expect: Beautiful views, luxurious ski resorts, and cozy restaurants are just a few of the appeals of Aspen, Colorado. Toss in first-rate wine and food, and you have a truly indulgent vacation to look forward to.

The Food and Wine Classic in Aspen takes place at the base of the breathtaking Aspen mountain.

Foodies from all over the world gather in the grand tasting pavilion to be served delectable delights from some of the best in the food and wine industry while attending educational seminars.

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World Cup 2018

Where: Ekaterinburg, Russia
When: June 14-July 15

What to Expect: This is the event soccer fans from all over the world wait all year for. This world renowned tournament puts the best soccer teams in the world face-to-face in high stakes matches.

This year’s tournament takes place in the enchanting Ekaterinburg, Russia: the 4th largest city in the country, and an important stop on the infamous Trans-Siberian railroad. Be sure to explore the countless cultural and historical centers as well as the charming shops.

Tickets are first come, first served, so be sure to apply for yours now!

San Vino Wine Fight Festival

Where: La Rioja Region, Spain
When: June 27-30

What to Expect: Prepare yourself for a week of music and drinking some of the finest red wines in the world.

Known as La Batalla de Vino to locals, the festival got its start in the 13th century during a battle of property lines between the small town of Haro and their neighbors Miranda de Ebro.

Every year on St. Peters Day, the people of Haro had to physically mark the boundaries of their city in order to keep their independence. Eventually, people from the opposing cities began throwing wine at each other during this process.

Today, the celebrations start on Saturday night in the Haro town square, where the wine flows endlessly and a stage is erected for music of all kinds.

The battle begins the next morning. Everyone meets on a hill in town geared up in goggles, squirt guns, buckets, and water balloons. The battle is a free for all, so don’t wear anything you don’t mind getting soaked in wine.

Pack up and get ready, because your new adventures await!

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