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5 Can’t-Miss July Events Around the World: Bodypainting, Charity and Oysters


From bodypainting to charitable 5ks, these five global events will get your feet moving and your camera snapping.

1. Wimbledon

Where: London, England

When: July 3–16, 2017

An event that needs no introduction, people across the globe will be watching Wimbledon 2017. Watch the world’s greatest tennis stars battle it out on the court over the 13-day event.

Even those who don’t have tickets can watch the action on outdoor big screens and tons of local bars and pubs.

Pro travel tip: Wimbledon isn’t centrally located, so bear that in mind when booking accommodation, and give yourself plenty of time to get there.

2. Major League Baseball All-Star Game

Where: Miami, Florida

When: July 7–11, 2017

The Sunshine State is this year’s host for the MLB All-Star Game, where the top players from the American League and National League hit the field for nine innings of America’s favorite game.

But it’s not just the game: MLB All-Star FanFest starts on Friday and lasts through Tuesday, until the main event. Expect a 5k, giveaways, food and music for the whole family.

Pro travel tip: Miami Swim Week starts July 22, so extend your trip if you have a love for sports and style.

3. Knysna Oyster Festival

Where: South Africa

When: July 7–16, 2017

Fresh seafood, South African culture, incredible scenery and cycling sum up the annual Knysna Oyster Festival. Ambitious athletes attempt to conquer the BIG5 Sport Challenge: a multi-sport event which incorporates mountain biking, a 21k run, trail running and swimming.

If you’re less interested in competing and more tempted by fresh oysters, you won’t be disappointed by this mash-up festival.

Pro travel tip: Traffic in the seaside port city can be unbearable. If you’re exploring around town, stay on foot to cover more ground.

4. Donor Dash

Where: Denver, Colorado

When: July 16, 2017

Photography courtesy Donor Dash

Denver’s Washington Park is hosting the 18th annual Donor Dash, which is a 5k that honors the lives of organ and tissue donors, celebrates the lives of organ and tissue recipients, and recognizes those who are still waiting.

Participate as a walker or runner, or donate to the cause.

Pro travel tip: Parking around Washington Park, especially on nice days, is a difficult task. Hire a car, taxi or Lyft instead.

5. World Bodypainting Festival

Where: Austria

When: July 28–30, 2017

Arguably the most unique and eccentric event on this list, the World Bodypainting Festival is a colorful and cultural event where bodypainters show off their artistic talents.

Pro travel tip: Bring a good camera. The bright and neon colors, black backdrops and other shiny objects can be difficult to photograph with a smartphone. And you’ll want photos of this event—trust us.

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