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Flying Private With Kids: Make Memories With the Whole Family


That feeling you get when your child has a very public meltdown is all too familiar for most parents.

It could be at the grocery store when, heaven forbid, you allow your child to choose one cereal, not ten. Or maybe you’re on a family outing at the amusement park, and a missed nap causes a major emotional meltdown.

Even the smallest triggers can cause a flood of tears and amplified screams. And when it comes to flying, those triggers are multiplied in a cramped, public space.

Between long security lines, several ID and boarding pass checkpoints, luggage restrictions, and hours glued to your small airline seat — everything in an airport and on an airplane is seemingly designed to deter parents from bringing children on board.

This reality is why booking a private flight is not only the most comfortable option for busy parents, but it’s also the most convenient and conducive to maintaining your sanity. After all, trips are meant to be enjoyed, not spent wiping away tears.

Skip Out on Security Lines

Waiting in line, organizing boarding passes, having everyone’s identification documents ready, and waiting in line some more — just getting checked in for your flight is cumbersome when you’re toting children, let alone dealing with the security lines.

Children, especially when young, can be impatient. Truth be told, waiting in line isn’t fun for children or adults.

Not to mention the added hassle of taking off shoes, placing carry-on luggage on conveyor belts, and walking through scary X-rays. Parents who fly private with kids in tow can skip out on this minefield for meltdowns.

More Space to Play

Once on board a private plane, kids can take advantage of the space they have available to them.

Parents can bring their children’s toys onboard or contact us before your flight to have this step arranged (one less thing to worry about!)

There’s more space for children to relax. And with personalized entertainment options, you’re not stuck with a pre-set list of movie options. All of our jets have free Wi-Fi, so parents can stream their children’s favorite movies and shows throughout the flight.

Better Food and Snack Options

A growing child is a hungry child.

Commercial planes offer limited snack choices — and some don’t offer snacks at all. On a private jet you and the kids enjoy a bevy of snack and drink choices. You can also let us know beforehand if you have any specific requests.

Alternatively, you can bring kid-friendly snacks and drinks yourself — sans travel-sized liquid containers.

Easy to Bring a Nanny or Help

Because there’s more space on a private jet, it’s easier to bring along an extra set of hands — or two or three — to help you manage everything.

Traveling alone is difficult enough, but traveling with children throws a number of curve balls your way. A nanny can help you enjoy the experience of flying, instead of dreaming of a vacation from your vacation.

No Side-Eye From Fellow Passengers

One of the worst aspects of public temper tantrums is being the focal point of other disgruntled passengers.

When you fly private, those meltdowns are no longer dramas on display for surrounding onlookers. Instead, you can enjoy more privacy and stick to your typical discipline strategy without the additional stress of being in the public view.

Stick to Nap Schedules

Skipping out on naptime can wreak havoc on a little one’s routine.

The seats on commercial flights aren’t known for their comfort and space, making them less-than-ideal options for an afternoon nap.

On a private jet, with more space, your child can rest comfortably so they’re ready to hit the ground running when you land in your destination.

Bring All You Need

Kids are, quite literally, extra baggage when it comes to flying. You need to pack their essentials (clothes, toiletries, food, etc.), as well as extra items like toys, books, wipes, diapers, car seats, strollers — and the list goes on.

Commercial airlines enforce strict baggage rules, forcing parents to try and fit all their items in just a few small bags. The cost of checking extra bags isn’t cheap, nor is the risk of losing a checked bag in transit.

When you fly private, strict baggage guidelines like those for commercial flights don’t exist. You have more flexibility in what you can bring with you, so you can be well-prepared for the adventure ahead.

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