How to Attend or Buy Tickets to Fashion Week Shows

How to Attend or Buy Tickets to Fashion Week Shows


If you are anything like us, you probably get overly excited as the new Fashion Week season approaches. You spend your time researching the dates of the shows, preparing your outfits, and scrolling through social media looking for updates from your favorite fashion house. And, who can blame you? Fashion Week is one of the most exciting periods for fashion lovers and connoisseurs.

If you’ve never attended a fashion event before, you might think that getting tickets is almost impossible, especially so close to the beginning of the new season.

Well, not necessarily.

Here’s what you need to do to attend some of the most prestigious fashion events in the world.

New York Fashion Week

The shows in New York have a special audience and tickets are mostly reserved for the press and potential buyers. Most people who attend the show contact the design houses directly. So, if you have some top designers in your circle or you know someone who knows someone, make a call or send an email to get your ticket to their show in New York.

Apart from that, you can attend some of the public shows and get a front seat to watching some of the newcomers in the fashion industry.

Check out more details about tickets for New York Fashion Week here.

London Fashion Week

If you want to attend one of the most important fashion events in London, you must register on the British Fashion Council’s official website. To register, you will need a verified address in London.

Don’t get disappointed if you can’t attend the official event. Right after the London Fashion Week, there is another big event, called London Fashion Week Festival that lasts four days. And, yes, tickets are easy to find.

Milan Fashion Week

The Milan Fashion Week is no different than the ones mentioned above. Translation: getting a ticket to seeing the newest trends from your favorite fashion house can be extremely difficult if you don’t have the right connections.

To attend Milan Fashion Week, you need to register at the National Chamber of Italian Fashion.

Paris Fashion Week

We can’t end our list without talking about the Paris Fashion Week. Although the Fashion Week season starts in New York, the Paris event is considered to be one of the most important events and a must-attend for fashion lovers.

To attend the shows in France, you need to request accreditation from the French Federation of Fashion, The same rule as in London applies here and you will need a verified Paris address to attend. You can try to contact the designers by email (or phone, if you have access to that kind of information). On the page of the event you can find the contact of each designer alongside the schedule of each season.

For more information about Fashion Weeks dates and tickets, check out their official website.

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