Tips for Planning Your Winter Getaway

Tips for Planning Your Winter Getaway


Whether you’re headed to the snowy ski slopes of Colorado, or going south to the Bahamas to enjoy the warmth and sunshine, winter is a great time to take a vacation. Many tourist destinations in relatively warm locations, like Disney World Resorts or Miami Beach, are far less crowded if you go between November and March. Plus, ski resorts are only open in the winter, and many of the United States’s national parks provide gorgeous snow-covered vistas if you go at this time of year.

These tips can help you plan a great winter vacation, and avoid common pitfalls that could turn your dream vacation into a nightmare.

Budget in advance.

Spending a little bit extra is okay, but you don’t want to run so far over budget that you eat up all your savings. It’s a good idea to plan ahead by coming up with a definite budget for your vacation. You can set a cost range you’re comfortable with for things you’ll need, like airfare, gas for your car, and accommodations. This can help you keep your vacation in a reasonable price range.

Check the weather forecast at your destination.

If you’re going to a mountainous area, like the Appalachian Mountains, be sure to check the weather forecast. Snowfall is often heavier and more frequent at higher elevations than closer to sea level. If you’re driving to your destination or renting a car after your plane lands, it’s important to plan your drive to avoid potentially dangerous road conditions.

Don’t fly on the wrong day.

Did you know that airfare on some days is generally more expensive than on other days? It’s weird, but true. Flying on Friday or Sunday could raise your airfare prices, and the best days to fly are usually Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Sundays. It’s also a good idea not to book a flight during peak travel days, like Christmas Eve, Black Friday, and the day after Christmas.

For a great air travel experience, consider flying private.

Or, you could circumvent the hassle of airline travel completely by flying private. During the winter, the private jet charter industry sees 30-60% more requests than at other times of the year, and for good reason. Holiday travel via a major airline can be a nightmare, even if you’re flying first class.

As with airline travel, it’s good to plan ahead for your private flight. Most planes will be booked in advance this time of year. If you’re bringing bulky luggage items like skiing gear, you should also let the jet charter coordinator know ahead of time.

If you’re planning a road trip, be careful to plan for winter weather.

Flying private is a great experience, and it gets you to your destination quickly. But at the same time, there’s nothing quite like a scenic road trip. If you’re driving so that you can experience the scenery along the way, make sure to check the US Department of Transportation’s website to find out about road conditions. Driving in winter weather can be dangerous, with factors like poor visibility and black ice potentially endangering you and your family. If necessary, you may need to choose an alternate route.

Don’t assume a hotel will be cheaper than a vacation rental.

Hotels aren’t always less expensive than renting a vacation home for your stay. In fact, with new services like AirBnB, many people are renting out their own home while they’re on their own vacation, or renting their vacation home when they’re not using it themselves. This can get you a great deal on luxury accommodations with better amenities and more privacy than a hotel.

Planning a Great Winter Vacation

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