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Employee Interview: Jeremy Knight


Jeremy Knight has over five years flying with Mountain Aviation. When you ask him what he does, he describes himself as “part of a team that serves a unique corner of the flying public.” Getting to know Knight, you find a man with a true love of taking to the skies who uses his skills to share his passion, educate others, and even save lives. 

Growing up in the Mountains

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Ask Knight about his childhood and you’ll hear about a love of the breathtaking scenery in Colorado. “(Having) spent my initial years in Denver, I missed the mountains any time I was away from them,” he says. After being in such a picturesque locale, he found his family’s later move to rural Tennessee a bit tough. Ever an optimist, however, he goes on to explain that he grew to love the American countryside “in a way that can only be appreciated having lived there.”

Establishing an Aviation Career

Knight came to be a pilot the way most do, by attending flight school, earning civilian pilot ratings, and supplementing his training and experience with a four-year degree. However, he attributes his real success in aviation to his relationships, noting that he achieved much of it because he could capitalize on many personal connections. Knight notes, “The reason I am where I am today is because of strong relationships with the right people.”

He continues to prioritize these relationships today. “Every day, I place a tremendous amount of value on building and maintaining connections with people everywhere I go. I’m convinced that this attitude and a strong work ethic can take you anywhere.”

Working at Mountain Aviation

As soon as you bring up Mountain Aviation, you can tell you’ve struck a chord with Knight. His passion for aviation finds a real home here, in a culture he describes as “a family of like-minded individuals that share a very common bond in their passion for aviation.

“When I go to work, I see it as being able to spend time with some very good friends rather than just coworkers,” he says. “When I started with Mountain in 2010, someone told me that what makes this company different is the people. I’ve found this to be true time and time again as the people that work here want to be here, and they truly enjoy what they do and each other’s company.” He describes Mountain Aviation fondly as a place where employees truly enjoy work and one that has changed his entire perception of having a job.

As a pilot with Mountain Aviation, Knight describes his job as providing premium customer service “with as smooth and easy of an experience as I can give.” He highlights another important part of his job: participating in efforts to save lives through organ donations. Knight feels privileged to play a role in flying medical teams to “sometimes hard-to-reach places” on a very time-sensitive basis.

A Road Trip by Air

Ask Knight about the best trip he’s taken by plane, and you’re rewarded with a charming story that would make anyone yearn to take to the skies. “I had an opportunity several years ago to help a good friend and student of mine pick up a new airplane on the east coast and return it to Colorado by flying low-level VFR all the way back. For non-pilots, that means flying uncontrolled, in clear weather, using your own navigation, not unlike a road trip in a car, picking your own route and flying low enough to see the countryside very clearly.

“It was late springtime, and being able to see the American urban sprawls and rural landscapes from New England all the way to the Rockies is something I’ll never forget,” he says. “To me it represented the incredible freedom that flying in the U.S. allows. Flying above the traffic and the commotion of the world, you gain an amazing view of just how small your world is and just how beautiful things are from a different perspective, even a place we call home.”

Dream Destinations

Asked where he would go if he could choose any destination Mountain Aviation has flown to in the last two years, Knight chose Paris. His ideal itinerary would include several good friends and trying “to see as much of the country as I could, enjoying as much of the local food, drink, and culture as possible along the way.”

Though he’s never traveled to Paris, Knight is no stranger to enchanting destinations. His favorite little-known spot is a glider port on the north side of San Diego near the PGA tour stop Torrey Pines. Situated along the edge of sand cliffs on the Pacific coast, the spot boasts an outstanding supply of updrafts that paragliders can ride.


Knight describes watching them “floating gently up and down the serene California coast.” He says, “A good friend and crew mate of mine introduced me to the spot not long ago, and I sat there enraptured for an afternoon watching paragliders launch and drift around and return to land. It’s enchanting.”

Where Work and Play Collide

Spend any amount of time with Knight and you’ll understand why he describes himself as someone who has “a real passion for small airplanes and flying.” When he explains that he spends a lot of his time outside work “doing more work, if you want to call it that,” you can tell his hours as a flight instructor are as much fun for him as work.

Flying with Mountain Aviation perfectly ties Knight’s personal interests in with his career. As he explains it, “I love that I can bring my experience from flying commercially back to my students, sharing real-world scenarios with them and helping inspire new pilots to find as much love in aviation as I have.” And on those rare occasions when he’s not in the skies? He says, “I love to ride Colorado’s epic slopes!”

Are you interested in taking to the skies with a pilot as passionate as Knight? Book your next private flight with Mountain Aviation and you can meet professionals just like Knight who bring a unique love for the air to what they do.

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