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Jet Charter Mobile Apps


You need to book a private jet, and you need to book it now. These mobile apps will help you find what you need, when you need it.

When you’re booking private charter travel, it’s important to get exactly what you need with convenience and ease. This is where these apps can help. Even if you normally book with a specific charter company, such as Mountain Aviation, using these apps can help you ensure that you’re getting the best price and availability on your private jets. On top of that, these booking apps help you keep track of all of your flights and itinerary, allowing you to keep on top of each trip easily from your mobile device.


Stellar is the first complete marketplace for private aviation. Complete means completely digital. From the digital search which reveals hundreds of available aircraft options in seconds, to digital payments verified by your fingerprint, to real-time booking directly with operators. Stellar is the first fully digital experience that allows you to book private jets in minutes.

We interviewed Richard Thomas, VP of Marketing, to get the inside scoop on Stellar’s unique service and mobile application:

“We started with the hardest scientific problem first and build an all-new enterprise platform for operators to optimize routing, automatically generate pricing, and accurately manage scheduling. Stellar makes sophisticated operators even more efficient with next-generation optimization and precision revenue management. Designed by four PhD’s, a team of over 30 developers, and a veteran leadership team from Silicon Valley, the technology inside Stellar is the breakthrough.

Stellar breaks through the paper quotes, the middlemen, the emails, and the days required to book aircraft. Stellar also bring the largest alliance of operators ever assembled in a single, unified end-to-end digital marketplace. If you ever wanted to explore private aviation in minutes, now you can.

Stellar’s approach is unique. We’re bringing together the most advanced technologies and data science to streamline private aviation. Other attempts at creating digital marketplaces have been aviation companies trying to solve technology problems. We are a technology company solving aviation problems. What differentiates Stellar is our technology platform and it’s focus on both sides of the marketplace: operators and travelers.”

When it comes to ease, convenience, selection, and user experience, Stellar will be your all-inclusive jet charter application. Visit their website for more information and to be the first in line for their new mobile app.


Stratajet is a great tool when it comes to searching for live flight availability and finding a private jet instantly. The app allows you to instantly search for available flights, empty legs, best prices, and then easily complete booking. You are able to travel from anywhere to anywhere, customize any component of the flight, and select the most suitable aircraft for your needs. Stratajet is focused primarily Europe, but is currently making their move into the United States. Download their mobile app and book your next flight in no time.


With the tap of a finger, you can get the flights you’re looking for on one of the over 3,000 aircrafts that contract with JetSmarter. You can select custom routes, search for jets that are exactly what you need, and even pay for your flight, all from the convenience of the app. Using JetSmarter, you can either find a private charter jet that is already going where you need to go, or create the itinerary you need. They also offer JetDeals that are one-way private flights for the best available prices. Quick and easy booking is the name of the game with JetSmarter.


Using Victor, you can request a quote, compare quotes of up to six different aircrafts, search empty legs, view your bookings, and more. They offer direct access to over 7,000 private jets across the world. When you’re considering flights, you can even check out information on the aircrafts themselves, such as how old they are, how big the jet is, and more. There aren’t any hidden costs or unexpected charges when you use Victor, just a fixed fee for the app and your flight charge.

You could take the time and effort to book through a traditional airline, but let’s be honest: traditional airlines are often more trouble than they’re worth. Between the long lines, the ridiculous prices, and the inconvenient flight times, you’re unlikely to find a flight that you’ll actually enjoy. Whether you’re booking travel for yourself or your employer, it’s important to make sure that you get a flight that works around your schedule and doesn’t cost more in hassle than you can afford. Luckily, there are now several apps out there that allow you to book charter jets. Chartering a private jet, rather than booking a commercial flight, allows you the flexibility you need and the amenities you desire. Check out these apps for your next bookings.

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