Who Flys in Private Jets and How Do They Do it?


Mountain Aviation's KEGE based G150

So have you wondered who’s flying around in the small business jets you see at smaller “general aviation” airports?  How do people end up in the seats and where are they going?

These are great questions that we will explore in this blog.

The skies are filled with “small” jet and turbo-prop (jet engines powering propellers) aircraft.  These airplanes are often owned by successful people and business to use as tools in growing and sustaining their business ventures.  Contrary to popular belief, there a few celebrities and recognizable names traveling by private jet.  The vast majority of people using this mode of travel are working folks just like you and me.

Often times smart business people will choose to use an aircraft management firm like Mountain Aviation to look after their aviation assets.  A aircraft management company can ensure a business operates their aircraft in the safest and most efficient manner including maintenance and pilot staffing, and access to significant savings through fleet (multiple aircraft) discounts on “fixed-costs” associated with aircraft operation.  In addition some management companies in the US, like Mountain Aviation, hold FAA issued on-demand Air Carrier Certificates that allow aircraft owners to off-set some of their costs by “chartering” their plane to other businesses and successful individuals with the financial means.

For many businesses with a need to travel regionally, nationally, or internationally aircraft ownership is not be the best choice.  Depending on total annual usage many people find charter to be the most effective option.  Some examples of industries that regularly charter aircraft from Mountain Aviation are the medical field (physician out-reach to rural communities and organ transplant organizations), the natural-resource extraction industry and support service (getting engineers, geologist, and highly skilled laborers to remote job sites that are not serviced by airlines), and fortune 500 and privately held companies who need to stay in close touch with their businesses when spread over a large geographic area.  Charter is quick and simple: just a call to +1.303.466.3506 and the talented Client Service Group at Mountain Aviation will help you find the right aircraft (either within our diverse Rocky Mountain region based charter fleet or through our global charter operator network) for your mission.  Charter is quick and easy.  All we need to know is the dates you’d like to travel, the destination(s), and the number in your party.  There is no overhead or fixed monthly fees.  Only pay for the time you use, paying by the flight hour.  Why buy the jet when you can rent by the hour?

For individuals and business expecting higher usage, aircraft ownership can be an attractive option.  Once again Mountain Aviation has the skilled staff to assist with all your needs.  While there are many aircraft brokers ready to make a transaction fee to assist with the purchase of a private jet or turbo-prop aircraft, Mountain Aviation has nearly 20 years experience actually operating and maintaining private jets.  Our goal is to forge long-term business partnersthips instead of earning a one-time commission on your purchase.  From needs analysis, market evaluation, aircraft search, and pre-purchase inspection, Mountain Aviation is your wing man.  Once the deal closes our professional pilots will assist with delivery and setting up your flight department.  Our access to significant savings on aircraft insurance, fleet fuel discounts, as well as pilot training, and major overhaul and refurbishment will greatly reduce your ownership and operating costs.

Please allow Mountain Aviation to assist with all your aviation needs or answer any questions you may have.  We are available 24/7/365 via telephone +1.303.466.3506 or email:

-by Julian Tonsmeire

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