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Mountain Aviation has over 40,000 square feet of private hangar and office space at Rocky Mountain Metro Airport (KBJC) near Denver, Colorado

 In the beginning . . .

Mountain Aviation has over 40,000 square feet of private hangar and office space at Rocky Mountain Metro Airport (KBJC) near Denver, Colorado

Just kidding, but seriously I thought a good way to start the new Mountain Aviation blog was with a brief history of the Rocky Mountain region’s leader in private jet charter and aircraft management services so here it goes . . .

In 1992 Rich Bjelkevig, current Executive Vice President of Mountain Aviation was searching for a job after working for a legacy airline that had gone out of business (many famous airlines went out of business from the late 80′s to early 90′s). Rich, a life long Montana boy packed up the family and moved to Colorado to take a flying job working for a Doctor in the Denver Metro area who owned a Cessna 340 piston-engined light twin airplane. From these humble beginnings Mountain Aviation steadily grew for the last 18 years.

Rich developed what is now commonly referred to as the “aircraft management and charter” business model and was one of the first to adopt this business model in the Rocky Mountain region. Rather than own charter aircraft Rich built a charter fleet by networking and offering turbo-prop and business jet owners excellent service along with the opportunity to off set their cost through charter revenue and discounted services and necessities (jet fuel, pilot training, insurance, etc). To this day Mountain Aviation is the leader in offering value to turbo-prop and private jet owners looking to lower their operating costs while accessing all the resources of a world class flight department.

One relationship at a time, Mountain Aviation grew. Mountain quickly became an important part of the Denver business aviation community supporting local hospitals with physician out reach flights, servicing oil and gas industry travel needs, as well as host of other important local, national, and international business.

Through the 90′s and early 2000′s Mountain Aviation became know for impecible service and safety and as the premier operator of Citation jet and King Air turbo prop aircraft in Colorado. In 2004 Mountain became the first FAR 135 charter operator to offer the prestigious Gulfstream G400 (GIVsp) for charter in the Western US.

Equally important in 2000 Mountain Aviation spread her wings outside of Colorado with management of Citation private jets available for charter in Boise, Idaho.

In 2007 Mountain Aviation merged with Atlanta, GA based FlightWorks expanding our combined fleet to nearly 50 corporate aircraft. Mountain Aviation’s aircraft management and charter clients gained important access to important economies of scale and resources previously unavailable in the Rocky Mountain region. The partnership between FlightWorks and Mountain Aviation continues to strengthen and has proven to be invaluable to both organizations growth.

The tradition continues today with nearly 80 employees just on the Mountain Aviation side of the business, spread throughout bases in the Rockies (APA, BJC, BOI, FNL, ASE, RIL, and EGE) focused on two things: your safety and travel convenience. Mountain Aviation offers a diverse fleet featuring a full selection of turbo-props: King air 90 and 200, Piaggio Avanti II, in addition to a complete and modern jet fleet: Citation II, V, Ultra, Bravo, VII, and CJ3; as well as a super-midsized Falcon 50, and the only Gulfstream G150 mid-sized business jet and heavy G400 intercontinental private jets available in the Rockies.

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